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Shopping Mall

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The MAXER is an ultimate solution to all the areas of the business, the grocery and the shopping is the most favorite part of a women’s life.

Make your customer happy

The insight about all areas related to real estate helps in taking right decisions at the right time!

We have solution for your shopping mall business with our high tech software. Channelizing the departments, inventories, out sourcing, budgeting, finance, HR, accounts, supply chain and all the area related to marketing are covered.

Every department and its efficiency is monitored and update to you every moment to have a keen look into the affairs.

Taking the right decisions
  • pricing,
  • putting new stocks,
  • starting offers on the product,
  • filing up the empty slots,
  • watching on the cash counters,
  • Monitoring the accounts and others is not a hassle anymore.

make it more easy with clouds

The product management, the invoicing, sales management, stock management, inventory management becomes easier with us.

Multi solutions with us

Align every aspect of the consumer’s demand – from product development to retail, our software will enable you to predict, plan and provide according to the consumer’s demand, even your savviest customer’s expectations will be fulfilled.