Manage your Sales
(Customer Orders)

Module / Sales & Marketing
Get your customer come closer and engage at every moment of the sales cycle, keep it updated and optimize chances of marketing. We give the best shot by getting in touch with every customer individually, by providing them the real time intent and giving them a pleasure to understand the dynamics of Omni-channel.

Don’t stop’ keep prospering with our DMM solutions. With us, you can excel and our cloud and solutions providing on-premise feature takes care for everything from sales, to the e-mail, the content to the marketing solution and advanced analytic automation marketing.

Our electronic signature feature helps every customer to easily see the updates and reviews. It also enables them to get in touch from anywhere and everywhere and can post quotations also.

Quick and Effective Communication

With maxer you get in touch from anywhere and everywhere in the world, direct communication and responding to the quotes is just a matter of minutes.

Enables and capitalize on returns by upselling

It also helps in keeping the complete record of the negotiations and conversations. Hence, make life simpler!

It also upsells, by triggering the extra options like sales, discounts, closing soon, limited time and other catalyst like accessories and others; which give a prompt boost in the revenues.