Manage your catering

Type / Restaurants
The food chains, hotels and restaurants are also a very popular in the business industry, to cater one efficiently, needs all odds and outs of the time.

Just one Maxer

app which will help you in catering, out door catering and cash flow

Kitchen is an important part of restaurants and linking to the team of chefs with the team of waiters and order takers will switch a positive shift in the order proceedings.

With MAXER, Managing waiters’ services and having real time information of their services will give you a quick idea about the service and the needs of the customers.

The modern era is all about arranging things in the most technological ways, the supplies, the food stuff and the orders should be placed quickly and efficiently, for all such matters technology is needed to monitor all such function and with MAXER it is possible as we are the only service provider in the industry who are not neglecting this very important aspect of human life and the business industry.

Accounts and cash counters

Enables and boost your performance with MAXER latest technology app which will help you in tracking all the account details and the cash flow.

Order handling & Online Sale

The MAXER gives you an opportunity of taking orders online and at premises and having a cross departmental link with chefs and the service provider department and from accounts to the cash counters, will give you an idea of the insight and will eventually help in taking the right decision.