Manage your Inside Operations
(Production / Manufacturing)

Module / Production
With MAXER you can communicate faster with the customer’s & Worker need and easily collaborate with all the related issues and handle problems in minutes.

The MAXER keeps a check on Quality issues, MRP, and PLM all at the same time.

MAXER team up with global linkages and get actual awareness about your on-going operation, in your manufacturing or production departments.

The faster MRP, ERP and MES solutions, will enables you to peep into the entire process of production from the basic production planning to the project management process and onwards to the processes of project management, process scheduling, compliances and mobile supply chain management; giving you the favor of the reduced TMC (total manufacturing cost).

Stop Time Checking Worries

With MAXER get the real planning which is directly related to the real manufacturing and production time, measured by the work center control panel.

Concurrent Communique

This app also helps in getting the latest updates simultaneously, give details of the worksheets while ongoing operations, also display alerts to the labors about the changes required or about quality issues.

The app is versatile in every way and captures all the data in actual time from your gadget using API.