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MAXER helps in managing employee’s salaries and their benefits in term of their work achievement either positive or negative.

The collaboration tool makes it easy for you to cover all the aspects of HR including recruitment, meeting, leaves, payrolls, Salary Slip, Advance Payments and other functions on your tips.

With us it is possible to manage all pay and compensation related concerns at a glance and give you all the necessary information on a click, with which you can take better decisions and this will eventually help in business activities in a positive way.

Clean but professional salary slip

With Payroll we are creating complete information salry slip for each employ with there Month salary, leavs, Absents, and Deductions.

Efficient HCM

With our efficient HCM (human capital management), MAXER provides your organization with empower and motivated employees who are driven towards success.

The human resource app provides to get in collaboration with multi-national,multi-generation and effective people who are ready to give you the best.

With the advancement in technology we could not neglect the fact that employees are an asset for every organization and maintaining their motivation factor in terms of monetary rewards either compensation management or fringe benefits is a need of this time.