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The health aspect should also not to be neglected, we at MAXER provides personalized, and cost friendly care, with taking care of the medical records electronically to HIE (health information exchange) and much more.

save patient’s Health

We cater to every aspect of patient that is important!

Transparent and fast access of patient’s MR: MAXER helps in boosting fast access to medical help with providing transparent and connecting data to different departments, so that the patient gets faster and reliable care according to their MR (medical record).

With MAXER’s cross department interaction, it is easy to figure out the in-patient data and the out-patient and its billing information. It will help in improving cash flow, with this fast and active app you can track all the records related to billing and administration, and shortens the time of billing by continuously verifying. Also helps in detecting quickly about taking new appointment in consideration by looking at the record of ‘out-patient to be’.

Engagement and beyond premises care

MAXER helps in coordinating with the patient’s engagement solutions, care takers and medical helpers can provide medical help outside premises which enables them to get taken care before any problems arises.

Merging of healthcare data from innumerable sources

MAXER software offers a bound together investigation display for managerial and clinical information. It changes extensive volumes of information from assorted sources into noteworthy data. Comprehensive patient care gets to be distinctly reasonable and proficient with administration of patient communications crosswise over suppliers.

The product utilizes an endeavor wide, seller impartial information display in light of industry measures. It incorporates interfaces for regular social database administration frameworks and database-free business insight usefulness. Healing centers and back up plans acknowledge better results and higher patient fulfillment, and they increase cross-utilitarian percievability into quality and cost-sparing measures.

Enhanced treatment brings down expenses by lessening confirmations too.