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here are some of FAQ'S for help of our good customers. if you have found any of solutions for you please write back us at [email protected]

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If you are having trouble logging into your account, please send us an email and we'll sort it out ASAP.
Just be sure that you are logged in on the correct account when you go to our checkout page. If you aren't logged in or on the wrong account you can login or switch accounts on the checkout page.
We currently accept payments from International clients throughout world through paypal and bank transfer from local clients
For each membership, we give the accompanying equipment assets: One application server for Maxer ERP, with web and two incremental reinforcement servers, An entrance to the control focus, reinforcement and checking framework. It additionally incorporates the accompanying administrations: 1. Upkeep administrations 2. Bug fixes examined inside 3 working days 3. Relocations to each new form 4. Security refreshes 5. Facilitating at high data transfer capacity 6. Upkeep and day in and day out observing of your servers 7. Estimating and Payments
You will get a receipt toward the start of each charging period, as indicated by the quantity of dynamic clients in the framework. Once the receipt is paid, you will get an affirmation that installment has been fruitful through the secured installment stage. In the event that you don't pay the receipt inside the installment term, your record will be deactivated. It will however be reactivated naturally on installment. We will keep your information for 2 months after a record is shut, unless expressly asked for generally by the client.
Every day insights on your Maxer ERP Online utilization page are accessible from the control focus. Measurements incorporate hours of utilization by example, hours of utilization by day or client, month to month receipt sum, space utilized by server, and so on.
For each Maxer ERP Online membership, we give access to the accompanying foundation to promise you greatest unwavering quality and security: Maxer ERP Server and Web Interface PostgreSQL database Reinforcement servers Access to the control focus, with the goal that you can control your Maxer ERP Online cases and perform activities: make new examples, movements, copy occurrences, access to reinforcements, and so on.
We have two server farms, one in Alain (Uae) and one in the United Kingdom
With Maxer ERP Online, we need to furnish you with the most extreme adaptability and stay away from the conventional Lock-In model of SaaS offers. Consequently, the adaptation of Maxer ERP utilized as a part of Maxer ERP Online is the same as the Open Source rendition of Maxer ERP you can introduce on your premises. From the control focus, you have entry to all your reinforcement servers. You can download a dump of your PostgreSQL database and every one of your records from our FTP get to and change to an on location establishment of Maxer ERP.
For security and privacy reasons, we don't give servers' shell access to our clients. We just permit 3 Maxer ERP workers to have a root access to our clients' servers.
Maxer ERP bolsters information importation from .CSV records (Comma Separated Values) for any protest in the framework. On the off chance that you can send out every one of your information to .CSV documents, you ought to have the capacity to import it in Maxer ERP. For specialists, you can likewise interface your own particular scripts through web-administrations. Perused our documentation for more data. We likewise give information relocation administrations. Reach us to get a citation relying upon your present programming: [email protected]
Yes. We give administrations at an additional expense on Maxer ERP Online: bolster, preparing, help to modify or design, information importation, and so on. You can likewise contact anMaxer ERP accomplice; the vast majority of them give benefits on Maxer ERP Online also.
All Maxer ERP Online clients advantage from the Maxer ERP Publisher Warranty (OPW). On the off chance that you discover a bug, please contact our bolster group at [email protected]
Maxer ERP gives you considerably more adaptability than other conventional ERPs. You can outline new elements specifically in the Maxer ERP UI. We give you the report creator, the screen and protest editorial manager, a work process planner, and so forth. Should you need to grow new modules, we encourage you to utilize the on location version and have your modules ensured by Maxer ERP to ensure that they will be bolstered by Maxer ERP in the long haul.
More than 10 dialects are accessible in Maxer ERP Online (English, Catalan, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish). The Maxer ERP Online control focus is just accessible in English.